Email Registration

API Views

There are two views used in the email registration / change workflow:


rest_registration.api.views.register_email(request, *args, **kwargs)


rest_registration.api.views.verify_email(request, *args, **kwargs)

Assuming that the Django REST Registration views are served at https://backend-host/api/v1/accounts/ then the register_email, verify_email views are served as:

  • https://backend-host/api/v1/accounts/register-email/

  • https://backend-host/api/v1/accounts/verify-email/


Verification workflow

Let’s describe it by example. We’re assuming that:

Then the verification workflow looks as follows:

  1. The user who wants to register new email (which is currently equivalent to changing the e-mail) sends AJAX POST request to https://backend-host/api/v1/accounts/register-email/ endpoint. Usually this happens via front-end aplication, which could be hosted on https://frontend-host/.

  2. Assuming the registration was correct, The register_email endpoint will generate an e-mail which will contain an URL which the user should click to register new e-mail. the URL would be in a form:

    https://frontend-host/verify-email/?user_id=<user id>&email=<email>&timestamp=<timestamp>&signature=<signature>

    (You can change the way the URL is generated by overriding ‘VERIFICATION_URL_BUILDER’)

  3. The frontend endpoint (which is not provided by Django REST Registration) https://frontend-host/verify-email/ would receive following GET parameters:

    • user_id

    • email

    • timestamp

    • signature

    and then it should perform AJAX request to https://backend-host/api/v1/accounts/verify-email/ via HTTP POST with following JSON payload:

        "user_id": "<user id>",
        "email": "<email>",
        "timestamp": "<timestamp>",
        "signature": "<signature>"

    and then show a message to the user depending on the response from backend server.

Default serializers


class rest_registration.api.serializers.DefaultRegisterEmailSerializer(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Default serializer used for e-mail registration (e-mail change).

List of settings

These settings can be used to configure email registration workflow. You should add them as keys (with values) to your settings.REST_REGISTRATION dict.


Default: 'rest_registration.api.serializers.DefaultRegisterEmailSerializer'

The serializer used by register-email endpoint. It is used to validate the input data and obtain new e-mail. You can use your custom serializer to customise validation logic. The important part is that it should contain email field.


Default: True

No description available, please add it here!


Default: 'rest_registration.verification_notifications.send_register_email_verification_email_notification'

By default the email sender function will work with the build-in email sending mechanism.

You can handle email sending all by yourself by overriding this setting.


Default: datetime.timedelta(days=7)

No description available, please add it here!


Default: None

No description available, please add it here!



{'body': 'rest_registration/register_email/body.txt',
 'subject': 'rest_registration/register_email/subject.txt'}

No description available, please add it here!